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Riding off the momentum of 2015, I'm looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2016. With local and regional events on the horizon, I'm keeping my skills sharp and eyes on the prize. You can follow boatLineUP150x100.jpgme on tour by checking out my Tournament Trail page with my complete schedule with results as they come in. Check back often and hope to see you on the water.
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Winter Time Blues, Again

Posted by joe on February 6, 2016

Here it is winter again. Since I live in Michigan I do not get much fishing in the winter. I do not like the cold and so I do not like ice fishing. I am in the process of getting gear around and sorting and doing some inventory actions to determine where I am as far as need of the lures and tackle. Working on cleaning rods and reels and making sure that they are ready to go come spring. My brain has been working on trying to make improvements in my process for storage and organization so that I can find lures faster on the water. I am always trying to be diligent in seeking out advice and watching videos and other media sources.  

I am also working on new endeavors. I am now going to be writing for fishidy on their website, you can check it out and follow me at Thank You.

2016 outlook

Posted by joe on January 23, 2016

I had a decent 2015 as far as fishing went. I took my small club AOY, I took big bass of the season with my weekly club, and I placed 22nd in the FLW BFL Michigan division as a co-angler, and fished in the BFL Regional on the Potomac River. I also caught a 5 lb. 1 oz. small mouth on Lake St. Clair. 

How Cold is Too Cold

Posted by joe on December 23, 2015

Can you imagine? It was late November in Southern Michigan, the air temperature was supposed to be low to mid 20’s at launch. High temperatures supposed to be in the low 30’s. Oh, and did I mention that the forecast was for 4-6 inches of snow. It must be a tournament, right? Why else would I go out and fish in the snow? No, it is not a tournament on this day. It has already been snowing for a while. I get to my friend’s house, Chris McDonald, I load my gear into his boat, slip and almost fall in his driveway. As we head out onto the highway, Chris needs to shift his truck into four-wheel drive to keep the truck from fish tailing. We get to the lake, and there are not any other boats there! We get the boat ready, the boat wants to be cold blooded. I have a blade bait rigged on an Ardent denny brauer Worm/Jig rod, with an Ardent Tournament pro reel, 7.3:1 ratio. I also have a poles prepared with a crankbait, a jig, a jerk bait, drop shot and a wacky all rigged up. I don’t know about you, but fishing in cold weather usually leaves me hunting for the bass. I can often be very slow, and then you feel really cold. The water temperature is mid 40’s which surprised both of us. There were times that I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes. I did end up hooking up on a bass with a jig, blue gill color, with a Zipper craw as a trailer. That bite felt good, setting the hook reminded me why I was out there. The cold went away for a little while, that might be what keeps me coming back, oh and we are going next Saturday, even though it is the last Saturday in December. I wonder, how cold is too cold, and how deep into the winter will we be fishing.

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