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Winter Time Blues, Again

Posted by joe on February 6, 2016

Here it is winter again. Since I live in Michigan I do not get much fishing in the winter. I do not like the cold and so I do not like ice fishing. I am in the process of getting gear around and sorting and doing some inventory actions to determine where I am as far as need of the lures and tackle. Working on cleaning rods and reels and making sure that they are ready to go come spring. My brain has been working on trying to make improvements in my process for storage and organization so that I can find lures faster on the water. I am always trying to be diligent in seeking out advice and watching videos and other media sources.  

I am also working on new endeavors. I am now going to be writing for fishidy on their website, you can check it out and follow me at www.fishidy.com Thank You.