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The Year of the Lost Fish

Posted by joe on August 13, 2017

It seems like when I would listen to someone describe losing fish during a tournament I would say in my head, "that would not happen to me, I don't lose fish."

In the past, I really haven't lost very many fish. Sure, I'd lose a key fish occasionally, but not very often. I was very confident that I would not lose fish. This year so far has been different and I think I have lost fish at each of the larger tournaments that have really hurt my standings.

    I feel that to keep improving we should be continuously learning. Learn from others, like seminars, YouTube, and various shows. We should also be learning from our mistakes and watching mistakes of others. Learning and growing our abilities. 

    When you are out on the water and trying to improve yourself, it is like putting together a puzzle, piece by piece. 

     I will share some of the techniques and things that could help you learn from my mistakes and observations.

    When you are fighting a fish, one of the major keys is to keep a bend in the rod. This is a very important part of trying to land the fish, and you need to make sure that it keeps tension on the hook without applying too much pressure. Some of the parts of this puzzle you need to keep in mind is the rod you are using. How fast the tip is along with the size of hook, the type of line and size of line, type of lure, and whether there is cover you need to keep the fish away from all play a part in how much pressure you apply to your rod.

    Your drag needs to be set appropriately based on all those pieces of the puzzle put together to get that fish in the boat. If your drag is set too tight, not allowing line to let out at the appropriate time, you could let that fish get away. I have lost more than a few small mouth bass that way this year.

    Keeping these pieces of the puzzle in mind are some of what will help separate you from the rest of the pack.